Thursday, December 1, 2011

old man winter

This is not a picture of old man winter, this is my Ben last year on a winter hike. I am getting super exited for the first snow fall. I love living in Michigan and having all for seasons, I feel like its the only place where winter is winter, summer is summer and so on. I look forward to all seasons, but in winter I love the smell of the pine trees, snow, cookies and other bake goods and fire places burning wood, especially at the lodge when you go skiing. I love the sounds too, I love how in the winter everything is so silent, all you can hear are your footsteps crunching in the snow and a few birds or a rustling squirrel or deer. I love winter activities as well like; cross country skiing, sledding, hiking, snowshoeing and building snow people and then the way you feel when you come in from a day of playing in the snow, the hot burny feet, hands and cheeks and the way a hot cup of coffee or cocoa makes you feel... Ohh I can't wait! I actually enjoy shoveling my driveway too, for at least the first month of winter. Old Man winter, I am ready for your yearly visit.

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